What It’s Like to Be Threatened on a Bicycle

Yesterday afternoon, I was riding toward SW Madison Street on 3rd Avenue, when a dark burnt-orange SUV honked at me.

Startled, I yelled, “Don’t honk at cyclists!”

The older man, gray hair, bearded, slim build, actually pulled over in front of me, opened his door and yelled, “YOU ARE A DUNT! Know what that means? Dumb C**t!”

Still startled, I said, “Get out of my way and don’t honk and cyclists!” He re-opened his door as I was getting onto the sidewalk to bypass him and yelled a vaguely threatening, “You cyclists think you own everything, and you deserve what you get.”

I flipped him off and turned down Madison, where there were several cyclists in front of me. He honked as he passed me for a good 10 seconds, although strangely no further honks at any other cyclists. Hmm.

This person has anger issues, and should be banned from both his shitty SUV and society. Sadly, ladies and gentlemen, we cannot weed these people out (yet), so such sociopaths are going to be on the road. I don’t know what went awry in his life, but I hope it was something big that he will never be able to get over. And then his crappy behavior will bring the real bad karma in. 🙂

How I felt about the threatening motorist

My point with all that is, never take motorist anger personally. Anecdotally speaking, I have seen cyclists pull some irritating moves on the road, but in this case as in most road rage instances, it’s the motorist who should curb his threatening behavior. WHAT HE DID IS NEVER, EVER OK!
Note for next time: Get license plates and report to police.


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