Sunday Parkways– Mother’s Day 2015 [PHOTOS]

The Journey Begins! See the end for the Food Desert info and photos.

Green Lantern and her companion bike the Safety Cone

Since I had family time that morning, and live quite far from the Southeast Portland course, we decided to take Car2Go. The advantage to this is that we could haul our bicycles up to Lents pretty quickly and just leave the car there and ride our bikes back across the river at our leisure. (For longer rides during non-peak hours without direct bike routes, cars can be worthwhile to some degree– but I did a little experiment with this and found that most of the time, Car2Go is actually SLOWER than cycling. Post forthcoming.)

Nice background, right?

As it was Mother’s Day, I was already in dress and heels. But why not? This is the Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Inner City Cycling, after all…

More Photos Under the Cut:

Planned ahead and wore my cycling shorts.
Lents Park
Car2Go showed cyclists how to load a bike onto their Smart Car racks.
A maddening experience until you get the hang of it.
Bikes for Humanity PDX Free Bicycle Tuneup Clinic!
Fab lady cyclist on Left with neat bike 🙂
This was so cool: Bikes for Humanity PDX had volunteers that taught cyclists about tuning up their vehicles, and in the process bikes got a free tuneup! I want to take this moment to thank them again for helping Green Lantern with her alignment. I always thought there was something off and it turns out I was right! Rides like a dream now, except for my pedal issue…
Rick got brakes and tire fixed and it was AWESOME.
A volunteer helps a little lady with her chain while she and friends watch.

Amelia packs up Molly the Trolley. We came all the way back to talk to her about her great business.
Another exciting highlight for me (besides making a fish hat) was meeting entrepreneur and fabulous lady cyclist Amelia Pape and checking out My Street Grocery in-person for the first time. I first learned about Amelia and My Street Grocery in my Marketing class in the PSU MBA program (a class she took before graduating that sparked this business idea). Her business is a mobile grocery store bringing fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods to food deserts (more on that below). Amelia started as an entrepreneur and My Street quickly partnered with Whole Foods; despite the stereotype of WF, prices in the little store were very reasonable. More photos:

I got some maté and some blueberries and chatted with Amelia for a while.
As it so happens, the neighborhood of Southeast Portland Sunday Parkways is inside a major Portland food desert. Check out this map I made of the route (from the official website) overlaid with two red stars from the ARCGIS Food Desert Map indicating where grocery stores are located:
Yes, those are them on the left. The only ones. The ARCGIS Map says they are Asian grocery stores.
The OregonLive food desert map indicates there is a new store going up North of Powell Blvd that is just off this map, but that still makes most of this area 0.5 to 1+ miles from the nearest access to healthy food. What this has to do with bicycles is the subject of a future post, but this gets much deeper into the true positive impact that cyclists have on a neighborhood.
Overall, a wonderful day and thank you to all the volunteers and coordinators, particularly PBOT, for making this possible. Very excited for the next Sunday Parkways in North Portland on June 21! I hope to see you there.

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