A Short Ride on Memory Bike Lane

This is me on my bike a few days ago:

This was a fun time, and it got me thinking about how many great times I’ve had riding a bicycle.
Looks fun, right? #bikeselfie

More photos and stories under the cut:

Memory Bike Lane: When I first learned to ride

Remember being a little kid and wanting a bike really badly? I remember the day I first learned to ride a bike. Literally, I dreamed about it the night before. My dad didn’t believe in training wheels (and now neither do I), so I spent weeks trying to balance on the bicycle while holding onto the rail on the back patio. And then, the day after the dream, as I was trying to balance the bicycle I suddenly pushed forward on the pedals and rode out into the yard and around several trees and bushes and the birdbath, through the end of the driveway and down the block. Freedom!!

Just you & the open road, kid

Ever since then, riding a bicycle has been a major part of my life. 

Cycling has always been important to me. Up until high school it was my only mode of transportation, and then at college in Eugene it was my only mode of transportation too. (Vandalism, U of O parking issues, etc.) Sadly, most of those photos were on film and lost in Vermont.

Until 2011, I was a car owner, but I still designed my life around being able to ride a bicycle around town. I’ve lived in urban, rural, and flat-out remote island locations and always got around by bike. Not to mention taking bicycle tours and/or renting bikes all around the US and in several foreign countries.

For real, I should write more about what it’s like to not own a car in a city. Not owning a car is a trend for Millennials, so this is a growing population of potential serious cyclists.

Seriously! Check out Memory Bike Lane from Midway Atoll National Monument:

Riding our bicycles to the Clipper House for lunchtime on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, 2006 
The island is a wildlife refuge because of all the endangered birds. They are very loud.
My Midway housemate Jen, our vintage Schwinns & house in background
Up-close proof that I was on Midway (& have always been a complete dork)

After Midway, I moved to Pullman for a Master’s program at WSU, and rode there despite the hills the little town is famous for:

Bicycle and helmet locked securely in front of my grad school dorm, Pullman, WA (Go Cougs!)

One of my favorite cities in the world is Mexico City aka DF, and they have a huge bike scene as it turns out.

We rented bicycles for a cool art tour, and there are protected lanes, non-motor streets, and space for bicycles on public transportation. Pedicabs, as in Portland, are a big thing. I have several articles worth of juice on DF and bicycles. Alas, many of the digital photos for my most recent trips were on my old laptop which died and now those are also lost. :/
Pedicabs in México DF. ¿Cómo se dice ‘recumbent‘?

But enough of Memory Lane. I could go on for hours. Tell me some of your fond bicycle memories!


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