Riding in the Summer Rain [Photos]

Going to an appointment in Beaverton (a suburb of Portland, OR) a couple of weeks ago, I bolted from work with my Peugeot bicycle (Green Lantern), lanyard, and cell phone, wearing only a dress and flip-flops. A fabulous ride in the rain ensued!


Green Lantern hangs on the MAX rack en route to Beaverton through the tunnel

Bangs appear dry, hair still wet, outside still pouring

Arrival at Beaverton Destination

After riding in rain to MAX, putting bike on bus, then riding to destination in pouring rain. Time to smile!

Shoe photo!

The suburbs can be rough for cyclists. I was surprised by how many racks they had in this massive parking lot.

Home to Portland

Teeth look good, should’ve just paid a couple extra $ to get them whitened in Portland, though.

#Bikeselfie– That’s me taking the photo in the tunnel on the way home from a wet ride. Feelin ALIVE!


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