Motivating the Ride

Would you bicycle in these blue stilettos?  I did.  

Fabulous girls can get around best on bicycle in any urban area. Assuming you know how, purchased your ride, and have it sitting in a nearby location awaiting your muscular force to turn its wheels, the largest obstacle to riding a bicycle is motivation to get into the saddle.

My first piece of motivation: Riding a bicycle doesn’t mean you have to be any less fabulous!

In fact, on your bike you can be as hot, hip, unique, outrageous, urban, and lovely as you dare to.

Well, cycling for me isn’t just for fun, and up until recently I didn’t even think of it as exercise: Since about 2nd grade, it’s been my primary source of transportation. Actually, except for a 5-year stint in my 20’s when I had a car, I’ve seen the bike as my only source of non-public transpo.

None of this means that I don’t have trouble motivating myself to get on the bike at times. When it’s raining, I’m tired, it’s dark, I’m in stilettos, and/or just don’t want to ride, the main motivation that curbs the whining:

Riding the bicycle IS the lazy way!

It seems counter-intuitive, but I figured this out in college:

  • Cycling is going to be faster than walking (obviously). A whole 2-3 times faster or more, depending on how fast you haul it. So if you just want to get to campus/ through town/ to happy hour near your house as fast as possible for the least amount of effort, riding your bicycle is lazier than walking!
  • Riding your bicycle is free, while public transportation costs money and uses resources. It also takes a lot longer than you think, and unless you’re lucky enough to have a bus or train stop right outside your door, you’ll have to get to the stop and wait for the bus/ train at the scheduled time. Then you’ll have to get out and walk to your destination, unless miraculously that is also in front of your destination’s door and you don’t have to transfer in town. You have to be on the transport’s schedule, too: The drivers aren’t waiting for you and won’t hustle for you if you (or they!) are running late. The planning, the waiting, the walking… It’s so much lazier just to get on your bike and take your own route!
    Trying to find cycling clothes on a lazy day– yes, I rode anyway
  • Driving an automobile may seem at first to be the ultimate in lazy options, especially when you’re riding the WAAAmbulence because you don’t want to put rain pants over your cute skirt and change from pumps to heeled waterproof booties. But think again: How many times have you reasoned this situation out, only to realize the bike is the best way after all? Yes, for trips to the far opposite end of town, out of town, or even to the blasted suburbs, car will be faster. But for most in-town destinations, cycling is actually faster and easier. Think: You’d have to walk to the car, drive, circle around to find parking, pay for parking most likely, and walk from the car to the destination. It’s going to cost more money in fuel, oil, maintenance, and it won’t make the trip any shorter (probably longer) or more comfortable (since you’re going to have to walk anyway, just without your protective gear). Instead, think of riding your bicycle from right outside your front door directly to your destination, where you can lock up your bicycle right in front for free. Riding your bicycle can actually be lazier than driving your car!

OK, some of you might laugh at the logic, but ponder it for a minute! Psyching myself into realizing that getting on the bicycle is lazier than other options has helped me pull together to get on the bike for over 12 years now.

What motivates you to ride?


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  1. Unknown says:

    I've always agreed that the bike is for lazy people looking for efficient, reliable transport. Great first article!


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